Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I had sex with a pretty random guy the other night. Not the best decision I've made, since we met off the internet at a park at 1am.

He was okay though. Sex was awkward as hell, and he pretty much never shut up, but at least his company was entertaining.

Oh yeah, describing awkward sex... there was a lot of wiggling and slipping out, and he literally drenched me in sweat. The worst part, though, was that would forget to breathe while humping, and then just stop and pant when he ran out of breath.

He spent the night, so he kept on waking me up to hump. I was practically asleep at one point when he was going at it... and he still only came the one time, what was the point?

Some weird way, it was still a fun experience.

Oh, and in the morning he took a shower... and hit his head on the towel rack which left a gash on his forehead. What a great time.